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Express Pain, Relief, Pleasure (Bhs. Inggris XI)

    Express Pain, Relief, Pleasure
* Expressing Pain
when we get sick, we must feel pain on part of our body. When we get an accident, and we get injured because of it, we must feel pain. some expression of pain :
- its very painful. I can't stand it.
- the pain hurts me very much.
- that's hurts!-Oh, my headache!
- my back pains me.
- I'm not feeling well.
- I have a bad cough.
- I feel terrible.
- I'm really sick.
- I can no longer stand.
We can also add it with some interjection, such as : Oh!, Ouch! and Aw!

* Expressing Relief
When we have problem and we can solve it, we will feel relief. In other situation, when we feel worried about something that we will face it, we will also feel relief. a relief is lessening or ending of pain and worry. for example :
- What a relief!
- That's a relief!
- I'm very relieved to hear that (it)
- I'm glad everything's running well.
- I'm glad it's done.
- thank God for that.
- Thank goodness.
- thank heaveness.
- Oh, good!
- Oh, marvelous!, etc.

* Ekspressing Pleasure (happiness)
for example :
- I'm delighted.
- It's very delighted.
- I'm pleased.
- I'm happy (for)...
- I'm glad.
- Great!
- It's wonderful.
- How marvelous!
- fantastic!
- It's a great pleasure!,
The example of the dialogue :

( Jalan, trz nggak sngaja A ditabrak B dr blakang)
A : Oh my God. It hurts me so much. Be careful boy! Ahhh.., I'm getting head aches..
B : I’m so sorry, Sir. I’m in a hurry. I don’t accidentally. (sambil mngambil buku”yg jatuh, trs brdiri) Are you Ok Sir??
A : I thought, I would die because of you. But, Doesn’t matter. Other times you have to be careful.
B : Yes, Sir..I’m sorry..Are you Mr. A??
A : How do you know me?? Have we met before??
B : No, we haven’t. I just ever saw you in a hotel when you were having a meeting, there. Nice to meet you Sir.
A : owh,I see.. Nice to meet you,too. What’s your name??
B : My name’s B. Where will you go?
A : I’ll go to the bus stop and go to the hospital. and u??
B : I’ll collect my task to my lecture. What for you go there, sir??
A : My wife is childbearing our first baby, I’m so worry about it.
B : don’t worry, sir, All will be fine. I’m sure.
(A's cellphone is ringing.)
A : really?? Thank you very much, I can’t say how pleased I’m..
B : what’s the news sir??
A : my wife has childbeared, I have a son. That’s fantastic!!! Thanks God for that.
B : Really?? It’s a great pleasure. Thanks goodness. Congratulation.
A : ya, thank you so much. I’m glad everything’s running well. Aha! That’s the bus, i’m sorry, I must go now. I hope, you’ll graduate with the best score.
B : yes sir, Thanks. Be careful, and see you.
A : see you.

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